Common Dyson Attachments Explained: What They Do and When to Use Them

One advantage of Dyson vacuums is their suite of specialized attachments for diverse cleaning scenarios. But with so many tools included, their specific purposes can be unclear.

This guide provides an overview of the most common Dyson attachments and the best uses for each:

Combination Tool

This 2-in-1 tool pairs a wide nozzle brush with a slim crevice tool. The crevice tool slides out for reaching narrow gaps. The brush tackles small debris patches, furniture, and stairs. Use it for quick touch-ups around the house.

Crevice Tool

As the name suggests, this thin angled attachment fits into tight crevices that wider heads can’t access. Clean between seat cushions, along baseboards, in window tracks, and between appliance gaps. The crevice tool’s shape also makes it ideal for vacuuming ceilings and underneath furniture.

Soft Dusting Brush

The soft brush on this tool enables dusting delicate surfaces like lamps, furniture, window treatments, and electronics without scratching. The soft bristles are safe for fragile items. It’s perfect for detail dusting around knickknacks and ornaments where the main vacuum head is too large.

Up Top Tool

Similar to the soft dusting brush, this tool adds a telescoping wand that extends over 8 feet. This makes vacuuming ceilings, fans, high shelves, and other elevated surfaces easier without using a step stool. The brush cleans gently while the telescoping wand gives you extra reach.

Mattress Tool

This wide, low-profile tool is designed specifically for vacuuming mattresses, couches, and other soft furnishings. The shape fits around bed frames and lets you cleanly vacuum the entire mattress surface while removing embedded debris and allergens.

Flexi Crevice Tool

This crevice tool bends to access awkward angles and gaps that are difficult to reach with standard straight crevice tools. The flexing neck lets you angle the suction right where you need it to draw out debris. It’s great for vacuuming under appliances, between car seats, around toilet bases, and in other cramped spaces.

Articulating Hard Floor Tool

This tool is engineered specifically for hard flooring. Short bristles gently dislodge fine debris while the soft cushion inflates to seal suction across uneven floors. It articulates 180 degrees to reach into corners and tightly along baseboards with protective bumpers. Dyson recommends it for hardwood, tile, laminate, and other delicate hard floors.

Motorhead Tool

This is Dyson’s main cleaner head featuring a motorized brush bar suited for carpets and rugs. The spinning brushes agitate and loosen embedded debris, especially pet hair. It provides deep cleaning performance thanks to strong suction power and motorized brushes. Use it as your default head for carpets.

Soft Roller Head

Unlike the bristled Motorhead, the Soft Roller has a thick soft woven cotton roller that generates static electricity to attract dust from hard floors. It cleans without damaging floors and excels at picking up fine debris missed by standard heads. Dyson suggests it as the best cleaning head for hard floors.

Make the most of your Dyson’s cleaning versatility by utilizing attachments suited to specific cleaning needs. With the right tools, you can handle any vacuuming job effectively.


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