Are you in search of a trustworthy and cost-effective vacuum cleaner service? Look no further! We’ve got all your vacuum cleaner needs covered, whether it’s routine maintenance, a thorough cleaning, or repairs. With our wealth of expertise and experience, we’re equipped to tackle any vacuum cleaner issue. We service and repair most vacuum cleaner models, including:


Dyson vacuum cleaners are our specialty. Whether you own a Dyson cordless, upright, cylinder, or handheld vacuum, we have the knowledge and skills to address any problem. Our services include battery replacements, filter changes, belt and brush repairs, and more. Additionally, we can provide you with expert advice on maintaining your Dyson vacuum cleaner to ensure optimal performance and longevity.


As one of the leading vacuum cleaner brands in the UK, Shark vacuum cleaners are no challenge for us. We can service and repair all Shark models, resolving common issues like loss of suction, overheating, or blockages. If needed, we can replace worn or damaged parts* such as hoses, nozzles, or dust bins, restoring your Shark vacuum to its peak performance.

* Where available


Gtech is renowned for its innovative and lightweight cordless vacuum cleaners. If your Gtech vacuum needs servicing or repair, we’re here to help. Our skilled technicians can diagnose and fix various Gtech vacuum issues, including battery problems, motor faults, or brush bar malfunctions.


With a legacy spanning over a century, Hoover is a trusted brand in vacuum cleaners. Whether you own a traditional upright Hoover or a modern cordless model, we can service and repair them all. We offer services such as filter replacements, bag changes, belt adjustments, and more, ensuring your Hoover vacuum operates like new.

Other Models

Our expertise extends beyond the well-known brands. We can also service and repair other vacuum cleaner models, such as Vax, Miele, Bosch, Henry, and many more. Regardless of the brand or type of vacuum cleaner you own, we have the knowledge and skills to rejuvenate it to its full potential.

Don’t let a malfunctioning or dirty vacuum cleaner dampen your day. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and restore your vacuum cleaner to its peak condition. Your cleaner home awaits!